Hedge Strategies

Hedge Strategies as of 05/17/20


On 2019 corn, my farm is 80% sold @ $4.30 basis May20.   Hold for new ’19 target

***must consider local basis.

For 2020 CZ, up to 30% sold at $4.05.  Next target for me and my farm is $4.09.

Strategies I’ve employed or considered. Straight hedge of Dec ’19 corn at $4.06 then $4.18, $4.39, $4.59, $4.72 & $3.90(65% total).



2019-  I am 70% sold/hedged (basis APH) at a board-based average price of $9.64SH .  I’ll consider selling more old beans with a rally to $9.00 May.

For 2020, I’m up to 25% sold at $9.63 average basis SX20.  I’d be willing to sell more on a rally to $9.40


**For the strategies I talk about on here, please remember these are the tools I use for my farm.  These are not recommendations but merely a way for the reader to see how I approach marketing for my operation.  There are tons of good tools out there. For more information on markets, strategies and ways to set up a solid marketing plan, visit my website at https://agmarket.net

I hope you have a great week.  Please let us know if we can help you in any way.